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Federico Tensi

About Me

I've started coding when I was about fourteen, started with the basics of HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript, and gradually developed various websites and programs through my school years. I'm constantly seeking to expand my skills and stay up-to-date with tech trends around web development.  [Learn more]


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Software Engineer @ Sky

March 2024 - Current, Remote

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Software Engineer @

December 2023 - March 2024, Contract


CIP application development for clients in government sector. Product development activities, requirements analysis and sprint planning. Application uses React as frontend, Node.js as backend. A significant contribution I made was the adoption of Typescript across all frontend teams. This required gradually refactoring the existing code bases and teaching best practices.
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Software Engineer @ Expleo Group

December 2022 - December 2023, Remote


I have had the opportunity to develop many data analysis dashboards such as analyzing financial data (trends, transactions, etc..), resource utilization (server capacity, etc..), analyzing geo data (maps with different information), users feed-back (pools, rankings, etc..), webapps of a wide variety of genres, such as e-coomerce, job search platform, budget/investment management, health monitoring. In particular I am involved in application research and development. I've worked closely with multidisciplinary teams, collaborating to bring innovative solutions and implementing the efficiently. In addition, I contributed in the design of eye-catching UI. Given the dynamic nature of the environment I find it difficult to write down every webapp I've made. But I will be more than happy to tell you what I did if you ask me.
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Analys Consultant @ Capgemini

Set 2021 - Dec 2022, Rome


Since 2021 employed in software development and integrated-functional testing projects of Telecom Italia IT systems, inherent to Residential, Business and Mobile customers. (CRM) These experiences allowed me to acquire a strong expertise in providing good test coverage (e2e, unit, integration) and software development best practices. In this area I have been involved in management of team, sprints and workloads. Together with my team we achieved 25% bug reduction. Specifically, I was also involved in code writing and testing. Also employed in software development and testing projects for Poste Italiane's IT systems. (CRM) These experiences further strengthened my skills in providing good test coverage (e2e, unit, integration) and in software development best practices.


Serverless Days Website


Your Music 2.0


A better interface for your Spotify Queue. Built with React and the Spotify API. Tired of the usual car ride where you need to hand your phone to everyone just to add a song to the Spotify queue? this repo is your solution, you'll be able to make your friend add songs to your personal Spotify queue with their personal devices.

Setup Bank


Using github actions to simplify assetto corsa's setup sharing. A better way to keep and share setups for Assetto Corsa. Unlocking also numerous integration possibilities! A way of sharing and keeping in the same place assetto corsa setups! Unlocking numerous possibility for integration! Using GitHub Workflows to automatically create the setup file.



Twitter clone built with created using NextJs, Tailwind, Prism, tRPC, Typescript, Upstash (rate limiter), Clerk (auth), Planetscale (scalable serverless DB ), Zod (input validation & more)

Cheap Fuels

As a car guy, Unfortunately I always looking for a gas station to refuel my car. This project is a simple webapp that shows the cheapest gas station near you. It uses the OsservaPrezzi OpenData API to get the gas station prices. It's a simple project that I made to learn more about the Next.js framework.


2020 - 2022

Better UI/UX for a school ledger. REDignus is an electronic registry based on Axios that implements significant enhancements.

Sanik Multigaming

Website for a multigaming community. Sanik Multigaming is a multigaming community that focuses on organizing tournaments and events of various kinds. is a project born from the passion of two guys for gaming.